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Songs About Cars

On episode 13 of the Songs About Podcast, we talked songs about cars.

Cars mean freedom, escape, and independence so on the #songsabout podcast we explored six great songs about Cadillacs, Camaros and low riders. If you drive, does your car have a name? Is naming a car a mark of respect?

Listen now to learn just how many times Kate had to take her driving test, why we’d rather be knocked over by a Cadillac than a Robin Reliant and the kind of things you can get up to in a Ford Fiesta...

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Playlist: Songs About Cars

🚙Car Window, Cartalk

💗Pink Cadillac, Natalie Cole

🚘Ridin', Chamillionaire

🅿️Car Song, Elastica

🚕Low Rider, War

🏎Camaro, Kings Of Leon

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