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Songs About Love Gone Bad

On episode 12 of the Songs About Podcast, we’re talking songs about love. Bad love. Really, really, bad love.

From boundary-pushing behaviour and very bad boyfriends/girlfriends to the last desperate hours of a relationship that's run its course, we've selected six perfect songs about love gone bad for your listening pleasure.

We also talk the technical perfection of Britney's Toxic, the incredibly varied hobbies and interests of Dexter Holland from The Offspring and the kind of behaviour that you just shouldn't stand for when you're in love.

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Playlist: Songs About Love Gone Bad

☹️Tyrone, Erykah Badu

💔I Can't Make You Love Me, George Michael

💋Touch, Shura

🖤Borderline, Madonna

⚠️Toxic, Britney Spears

🤐Self-Esteem, The Offspring

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