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Songs About Space

🚨Season 2!!!🚨

Did you know that space is entirely silent? Luckily for you this podcast is entirely not.

For the first episode of season 2 we rocketed you right out of the atmosphere, taking you off this mortal hellscape for a short break with six songs about space 🚀

From humanoid aliens 👽, giant oozing slugs and the spiders from Mars to the worlds first music video filmed in space, we take you to another dimension with the help of the mighty David Bowie, Prodigy, Ash and more spacephiles to be revealed.

We talked about The World’s Best Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of music video innovation and touched on life on other planets (humanoid aliens only, please.)

Allana revealed the depth of her existential fear when presented with overwhelming scale of the universe and shared three out of this world bangers.

Also in this week’s episode Kate played possibly the world’s best one hit wonder (rock edition), an indie classic and an out of this world hip hop hit for the ages.

From Bowie to Babylon Zoo, listen now to our latest episode Song About Space.

Do you believe in aliens? What space classics did we miss? And does anyone remember Seven of Nine as vividly as Kate does?

🤖Intergalactic -Beastie Boy

🛸Girl from Mars - Ash

🪐 Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones

🧑‍🚀Space Oddity - David Bowie

☄️Out of Space - The Prodigy

👽Spaceman - Babylon Zoo

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