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THe Songs About podcast

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Are you looking for a good music podcast?

Maybe a new podcast about music. Or a pop or rock music podcast? A podcast about songs, song lyrics and song meanings? Perhaps a music podcast with British hosts? Maybe even a podcast about music hosted by two lesbians from Yorkshire, UK?

Well - you've found it: the Songs About Podcast, the best music podcast ever!


The Songs About Podcast is the music podcast that's missing from your life. Hosted by Allana and Kate, a British couple in their 30s, on the Songs About Podcast we play six tracks and discuss the lyrics and the meaning behind the songs. Learn more about your favourite new music podcast hosts here.

We began listening to music in the 90s but our music podcast covers fantastic songs from across the decades - if it's a banger, we'll play it. On the Songs About Podcast, we are particularly fond of playing songs about lyrics that are not so obvious - we like to tell you the stories behind the lyrics in our favourite songs. 

We love to discuss the lyrics of songs on our podcast, and we enjoy hearing your recommendations for new songs or themes we can discuss on the Songs About Podcast in the future. You can check out our latest episodes or follow the Songs About Podcast on Instagram @songsaboutpodcast for episode artwork, spoilers and ways to get involved in our music podcast.

Is this the best podcast about music ever?

Our music podcast combines fun conversations with music - pop, rock, reggae, rap. hip hop, indie, alternative, blues, soul, Motown, dance.... Basically, this is a music podcast that plays great songs about a million different things.

Our listeners come from the UK, America, Europe and so far we think about another 20 countries across the globe. We love to hear your music recommendations and play your favourites on the Songs About Podcast. 

The Songs About Podcast comes out every week. A Spotify Show With Music, this is a music podcast with  a difference - full length songs so you can hear the songs we're talking about in real time. The music on our podcast is played via Spotify, but you don't need a premium account to listen. Our music podcast is recorded in the UK and goes out on Spotify and you can also listen on Anchor.

Check out our latest episodes on Spotify, and don't forget to click Follow!


The Songs About Podcast
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